Rules for playing boxing

Boxing can be played in various ways.

To the Winner (participant who wins the fight).

To Tie (when the result is considered a tie).

Round Total: It is played that the fight will last more or less than certain Round numbers.

General rules

Plays are accepted until the beginning of the hour of said fight.

For total round plays, for example 9 1/2 means that nine round must be completed and half of the tenth round covered.

The decision of the regulatory body is made on the official day of the fight.

If a tie play option is offered, all Winner plays for both entrants are considered losers. (In case the fight is a tie).

If the number of scheduled rounds is varied, the plays in this modality are canceled.

All plays to the Winner will be decided at the discretion of the judges of the fight. This decision includes scoring, Technical Knock Out, Knock Out or disqualification.