General rules of golf

Plays at all major golf events

Direct plays in competitions.

Plays until the start of the competition.

In one-on-one competitions, both golfers must start the competition for the action to start. If a player does not pass the cut, his opponent is considered to be the winner. If neither player passes the cut, the lowest score wins. If both players have the same score, plays will be refunded.

One-on-one competitions in special handicap.

If a player withdraws after the start of the competition or fails the cut, the player who plays the most holes wins. The playoffs do not count in haandicap bets.

Win a championship

If, in the 10 days prior to the start of a tournament, it is played that a golfer is going to win that tournament and the player does not start that match, bets will be refunded.

The only champion plays that will not be refunded are * ALL IN * bets on real futures markets published more than 10 days before the tournament.

In the event of a tie, if 3 or more players are offered in a play option, the prize will be divided by the number of tied players. Eg, if two players tie in the tournament that determines the best American player in the British Open, the prize will be divided between two.

If a championship is shortened, once started, all plays will continue. Plays accepted after the end of a game day will be void unless play continues and that game counts in the championship result (except if it is a playoff). Another option is for the play to be made specifically on the result of a playoff.

If a tournament is officially abandoned, all plays in that tournament will be void, except for options that have already been decided.